Naboso™ products now available in Japan

May 17, 2021 | Brand News

Modern barefoot science! Make every day more comfortable with sole stimulation.

Protea Japan (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mark C. Minter), which provides lifestyle products based on scientific evidence and embodies the philosophy of “Live Active®”, is the distributor of Naboso products in Japan, as of 17 May 2021. Naboso insoles and mats support the condition of the soles of your feet, allowing you to achieve better balance, posture, and movement control of your entire body. You can choose to match a wider range of lifestyles, such as those who want to stay active every day even as they age, or those who want to demonstrate their strength in sports.

Naboso Insole
Naboso’s textured insoles support your body’s balance, posture, and walking. Three types (stimulation levels) are available, ranging from those that can be used in daily life to those that are suitable for full-scale sports. The insole is a non-cushion type with a thickness of 2-4 mm, so it can be used in your shoes. It fits perfectly to the foot, so it can be used with arch supports and tools. You can use it with bare feet or wearing thin socks.
* Duo insoles are reversible and combine two types of stimulation: activation and performance.

Naboso Mat
The Naboso Mat supports better movement and dynamic barefoot movement. We have mats for a variety of purposes, including yoga, pilates, stretching, personal trainers, coaches and other professionals, as well as those who stand up at work or at home. Its compact design makes it easy to carry.

Top league rugby player: “We carry out lower body training such as RDL (Romanian Deadlift) barefoot on the weight field. I am satisfied with the condition of the sole after every training session.”

Female marketing manager in her 40s: “I was comfortable when I put the insoles in my shoes when walking my dog ​​every day. Also, on the mat, I was able to train with good balance without worrying about the positions of my knees and hip joints.”

Dr. Emily Splichal

What is Naboso?
“Naboso”, which means “barefoot” in Czech, was developed by Dr. Emily Splichal, an American podiatrist and leader in global barefoot science. Naboso manufactures shaped* insoles and mats designed to support the movement of the body for people who want to live a healthy and comfortable life every day. The company is committed to enriching people’s lives in the exercise and wellness category through the research of texture and innovative products based on surface science. (*U.S. patent pending for unique surface texture)

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Protea Japan is a forward-thinking and award-winning business, named one of the Top 500 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific in 2021 and 2022 by Financial Times / Nikkei / Statista. Through its Live Active platform and associated loyalty programme, the company offers a portfolio of outstanding and scientifically proven brands in the areas of skincare, fitness, medical fitness, corporate wellness, and holistic health centres. These include: Environ, Power Plate, Power Plate Pulse, Naboso, Active Supplement and Lapolis.

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