Saeko Namba

Partner Services

Joined Protea Japan in July 2004

Why I joined Protea Japan

My first career was as a kindergarten teacher. I enjoyed working with children, but at that time I had very sensitive skin and was interested in skin care. Then I saw that several of my friends at the time were reviving their skin in rapid succession and when I asked them about the secret I learned that all of them had started using Environ, so I decided to investigate immediately.

I wanted to work for a company that dealt with skincare products that produced results. Dr. Akiko Tozawa, who was company president at the time, interviewed me, and I couldn’t believe that she was in her 70s. She was so energetic about Environ, which was also a deciding factor.

What I do

For the first 18 months, I worked under Dr. Tozawa, and then I spent 14 years at Environs Ginza, a salon directly managed by Protea Japan. It is a joy in my life that I was able to find a job that makes many customers smile thanks to using skin care products that truly produce results.

Now I am in the Partner Services team. My department is the point of contact for enquiries from agency partners nationwide. We also do planning and operations for service expansion for other agency partners. We receive a variety of enquiries and consultations on problems every day and I feel a sense of satisfaction when I am thanked for successfully resolving them.

I also find it rewarding when I plan and deploy new services such as live chat and webinars for agency partners, and sometimes we have a very short deadline.

I like working here because …

We have staff from many different countries and backgrounds, so there are few people with rigid ideas, and it is very stimulating and fun to collaborate with them. I think there is an atmosphere where mid-career staff can easily get used to working here.

The office is bright and open, and I think it is good for our mental and physical health. There is also a concentration space that can be used when you want to take some time alone to collect your thoughts, making it quite easy to work. The café space gives me the opportunity to interact with staff I don’t often work with directly.

We also have an evaluation system, so I think it’s good that we get proper recognition for our efforts.

Protea Japan has products that deliver results, such as Environ and Power Plate, so I can confidently recommend them. Also, the company is rich in diverse opportunities, so if you want to test your potential I would encourage you to join us.